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other comms + collabs

kraken counter couture

I produced this soundtrack for fashion and costume brand Kraken Counter Couture. In line with the brand's playful nature and cruelty-free background, we decided on an approach blending natural foley with wild animal sounds. 

tracks with kanan

In 2015/17, I had the pleasure of working on a pair of my brother (and Grammy-nominated songwriter) Kanan's songs - 'Three To Tango' and 'Redundancy'.


He'd written each song in advance, and I visited him in Bristol to produce and mix demos of his performances of them, contributing secondary vocals, drums, keys, and other instrumentation here and there - the lead vocals are Kanan's.

the funky dungeon

'The Funky Dungeon' was a blog I created with Luigi C, running from January to December 2015. 


With the two of us in different cities, Luigi would write stories, poetry, and reviews, and I would contribute original tracks weekly, totalling 50 by the time the year ended. 

This playlist-album is a small selection of some of the most-loved tracks from that project.

Writing, Performance, Production: Bo Keeney

Documentary samples: miscellaneous sources 

mmo soundtrack

I created this main theme for the soundtrack to an MMO horror game for a private client, basing the arrangement on the classical piece 'Danse Macabre' by Camille Saint-Saëns. 


I wove together sounds like celeste, music box, and orchestral parts to create an atmosphere suited to the game's environment.


I worked with Ukranian singer O-DNA for a period in 2015, creating productions and arrangements for her songs from scratch.


We completed two projects together - the pensive track 'город' (roughly translating to 'Hometown'), and the drum-and-bass inspired 'Different Kind of Girl'.

los society

As one of my first professional mixing assignments, I carried out mixing duties on Los Society's 2015 debut EP, also contributing production on several tracks.

long mixes for pulse

In 2013 and 14, as part of a campaign for two EP projects I was releasing, I was commissioned by Pulse Radio to create two long-form, DJ-style mixes of some sounds that I'd been inspired by at the time; these two mixes were the result.

conqueror (w bobby tank)

I collaborated with 'maximalist' producer Bobby Tank in 2013, contributing vocals to an untitled demo he was working on. The track unfortunately never made it to release, but was an exciting collaboration nevertheless. 

demos with bombs

In 2013, I collaborated with my brother's band, Bombs, to demo up 2 tracks at Miloco Studios in London - 'Crave You' was my brother's song, and 'Ignite' was written by their lead singer, my friend Charlie Fitz. I contributed keys, some vocals, and some production.

before and after EP

In 2013, I collaborated with a number of bass music artists to assemble a remix EP of material I'd written and produced for an album project - collaborators included My Nu Leng, Spectrasoul, Bobby Tank, and Throwing Snow, all hugely popular artists in London's bass music scene.

electric candlelight

This track was created as a collaboration with longtime friend Charlie Fitz, starting from a song he'd written, tied together with a riff I wrote on the spot, and completed together over an intensive 48 hours.

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