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solo work, 2006 - 2016


seven eleven (2014)

'Seven Eleven' was written through 2012/13, and recorded in early 2014. 


I put the EP together in the aftermath of a long break-up with Universal, and it represented my first opportunity to put out new writing after a 2-year struggle over existing material. 


I'd wanted to capture the feeling of early childhood in 1990's California - nostalgia, warmth, and early memories - and overlap it with themes of toxic masculinity, waste and excess.

listen to 'seven eleven' in full on soundcloud

don't you worry (2012)

I released 'Don't You Worry' in late 2012 - my first legitimate release as a Universal artist. 


The title track was one of many attempts at creating a recording that transformed from one genre into another - in this case, from mariachi, to modern rock, to electro, to drum and bass, classic rock, and finally to a sort of gospel dubstep. 


The other two tracks, 'Ambulance' and 'Motivation', were put together in the weeks leading up to release, in a shipping container on a remote industrial estate I'd converted into a project studio.

listen to 'don't you worry' in full on soundcloud

barbecue sauce (2016)

After leaving Universal in 2014, and releasing 'Seven Eleven', I went through a lot of changes.


As I found myself becoming more interested in new musical projects, and less in being a solo artist, I still felt eager to pull something together to close the chapter. 


'BBQ Sauce' was written and recorded in a series of unlikely environments - including a series of hostels, and a cavernous, abandoned commercial laundry.


The project finally came to a close as some of my other musical projects began to fully take shape. 

listen to 'bbq sauce' in full on soundcloud

secret of a memory (2011)

In 2009, I signed with Universal, earning the resources to produce an original full-length album. 


I had in album in mind that would transition from genre to genre with each song, and within the songs themselves. 


Given the complex nature of the project, I found myself producing the album, and performing most of the instrumental parts, with some exceptions. 


Despite this, it was an intensely collaborative project, including close collaboration with Grammy-winning producers Jimmy Hogarth and Cameron Craig, and a mixing apprenticeship with legendary Grammy-winner Jeremy Wheatley. 


Due to conflicts of interest, the project never saw the light of day - it still brings back mixed feelings, but feels important to include.

listen to 'secret of a memory' in full on soundcloud

early tracks (2006 / 07)

I recorded these two tracks - and countless others - as a teenager in late 2006/07, layering up the sounds one-by-one using a single SM58, and a pair of tiny computer speakers.

listen to 'early tracks (2006 / 07)' in full on soundcloud


All songs written, produced and performed by Bo Keeney

Additional mix/engineer/master credits:


Mastering ('on 'Don't You Worry', 'Ambulance', and 'Motivation'): Dick Beetham

Recording Engineer (several sessions), 'Secret of a Memory' , 'Dont You Worry': Tim Bran


Recording Engineer (strings), 'Secret of a Memory': Cameron Craig


Mix, 'Secret of a Memory', 'Don't You Worry': Jeremy Wheatley


Strings homework & assistance, 'Secret of a Memory' - Audrey Riley


Mix, 'Ambulance' / 'Motivation': Andy Bradfield


Mastering, 'Seven Eleven' and 'BBQ Sauce': Pete Maher


Mastering, 'Jump The Gun' and 'Don't You Worry', Dick Beetham




Additional instrumentation on  'Seven Eleven': 


Additional percussion, 'Seven Eleven' (all tracks): Ben DeVries and Jake Williams


Additional rhythm guitar, 'Seven Eleven' (track 2): Billy Adamson




Additional instrumentation on 'Secret of a Memory': 


I got a letter: 


Sam Dixon - Live bass

Tammi jo williams - Backing vocals

Brian Henry - talkbox keyboard


Golden Telephone: 


Son Of Dave - Harmonica

Jim Hunt - Saxophone(s)

Tammi Jo Williams - Backing vocals

Members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra - Strings 


Suburban Life: 


Ian Thomas - Drums

Sam Dixon - Bass


Over At Your House: 


Felix Bloxsom - Drums (copy)

Sam Dixon - Additional bass

Andy Kennedy - Sax

Anders Kallmark - Additional synth programming


Give Her What She Wants: 


(name unknown) - Live piano copy

Members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra - Strings 

Mary Pearce - Backing vocals

Sam Dixon - Bass


Up In Smoke: 


BJ Cole - Pedal steel

Tammi Jo Williams - Backing vocals




Members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra - Strings

BJ Cole - Pedal steel


Jump the Gun:


(name unknown) - Additional hammond organ

Sam Dixon - Slap bass

Felix Bloxsom - Additional live drums


Don't You Worry: 


Additional instrumentation: 

Robbie Fraser - Trumpet 


That 45:


Members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra - Strings 

Kanan Keeney - Additional Guitar

Maria Keeney - Additional backing vocals on 'Suburban Life', 'Give Her What She Wants, 'Jump The Gun', and 'Dont You Worry'




Other credits: 


Cover image, 'BBQ Sauce': Caterina Schmitt

Associate Producer, 'Secret of a Memory': Jimmy Hogarth


Management, 'Secret of a Memory', 'Don't You Worry', 'Jump the Gun', 'Seven Eleven': Will Frank

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