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Hi visitor,


This page represents the beginning of a new chapter for me. There's not much to it yet, but expect it to grow over time.


Over the course of two plus decades making music, I've worn a lot of hats and job titles - you could call it an ongoing musical identity crisis, or just an effort to discover a place for myself as a musician.


I love exploring music, but I've felt that the hat-wearing has often been at the expense of excelling at a single craft. So, I've had a long sit down with myself over the past couple of years, and realised that if I were to strip everything else away, the one fundamental thing for me would be songwriting.


I've done a huge amount of songwriting work in the past, or production work with a heavy dollop of songwriting involved (you can find some in the solo 06-16 and commissions sections of this site), but I'd like to start on this page from scratch, with this intention.


As my first step on this new journey, I’m working through a stockpile of about 300 songs I’ve written over the past 3 years, refining them and developing them into a set that represents where I’m at now as a writer. 


I’m also eager to write for artists who need some help with turning their ideas into strong, polished demos, so if that describes you, please do get in touch.


Whether you're a potential collaborator, fellow musician, or just a fellow music lover, thank you for visiting and taking an interest!



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